Kittel El Naranjo "White Honey"

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From Kittel:

El Naranjo began over 35 years ago as just a vision when Evelio Bados invested in an untouched plot of land and began working hard to clear the land and eventually plant coffee. He was working double duty during this time, also employed at other farms, in order to provide for his family. His hard work paid off and the farm has now grown into a successful producer of high quality specialty coffee.

The Nariño region is located in southwestern Colombia, where one can find a diversity of topographies and richness of basins. Soils of the Andes in Nariño are volcanic, providing trees with substantial amounts of basic nutrients and the rivers and canyons in the region, together with the number of sunlight hours allow hot air to accumulate in the daytime that drifts upwards at night, allowing coffee trees, planted at high altitudes of up to 2300 masl, to survive the cold night temperatures.

These high altitude coffees offer aromatic notes of citrus and floral honey. Through a processing method called white honey, in which most of the fruit is removed before fermentation, sweet, candy-like notes of blackberry and other ripe fruit is prominent in the cup. We enjoy this coffee equally as a pour-over, french press, or on espresso, where it is bright and fruity with a long jam-like finish.

Taste Notes: Blackberry, honey and citrus.