Lykke Kaffegardar Darkness 500g

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Darkness is our hefty and rugged blend. An inclusive buddy that's at ease in the company of both cow and plant. You're simply free to enjoy this accepting coffee whenever however you like. 

In this blend, we have chosen green coffee that in itself has a bit more of a rugged style with inherent flavor notes like cocoa, pecans, and cookie dough. That means we get an intense flavor and mouthfeel, but with a taste of coffee rather than roast machine, as in some other dark roasts we know of.

Another benefit of this deeper coffee and the hunt for a perfect bean is that we have found a use for less than perfect beans. Beans that due to cosmetic factors such as size, might not make the cut, but that flavor-wise have no imperfections. We call these beans the farmers tail. If you will allow an analogy, think of it as using the whole spring onion, instead of just the greens, where every part adds its unique character. These beans need a bit more time and consideration, but when given the love they deserve, have tons to offer. 

For the burgeoning coffee nerd: Darkness is a small screen coffee, meaning that the bean size is 14/15 instead of the usual 16+, and is usually sold as lower quality coffee internally in Brazil and not exported. By buying this coffee and paying a better premium we are able to give our farmers a better and more stable income, as inevitably not all coffee makes the cut for high-grade specialty coffee. Together with our partners in Brazil, we have invested in a new color sorting machine for the dry mill, allowing us to remove defects with more accuracy and therefore make better use of the defect-free smaller beans.

We hope that Darkness will help you out of your dark moods and into the light. And who knows? Maybe in a few bags time, even a lighter roast. If you feel like it, and when you are ready.

Region: Caparaó
Altitude: 900-1500 m
Process: Whole cherries dried with their peel and pulp intact. under Brazilian rays of sunshine. We call it cherry dried.
Flavor Profile: Cocoa, pecans, and cookie dough.

Our bag is completely biodegradable and we put lots and lots of effort into making it so. 60% is degraded in 90 days. The remaining 40% will eventually also degrade, but it takes a little longer. Soon, the whole bag will be compostable. Hang in there!