VacOne™ Air Brewer

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  • Meet your new favourite cold brew maker! And hot brewed coffee too!

  • The VacOne™ brews coffee quickly and is super portable. Frank de Paula has taken a new approach at brewing coffee. Rather than making a new pour-over method, the team developed VacTec™, which uses a vacuum to pull water through the bed of coffee. This extracts more flavour over a shorter period of time - which reduces bitterness and acidity in hot coffee and produces an intense and sweet glass of cold brew in minutes - instead of hours. Yes you read that right.

    The VacOne™ has a USB rechargeable battery which allows you to make 100+ coffees on a single charge. Clean up is easy with the reusable mesh metal filter and the water-proof brewer. The VacOne™ will sit nicely on your office desk, cabin brew bar, or your countertop at home. So ditch the pod and the drive-through and start enjoying coffee from your VacOne™ in just a few minutes.

    • Capacity: 414 ml (14 oz)
    • Patent-pending VacTec® technology
    • Makes hot filter coffee and cold brew in minutes
    • USB rechargeable battery that makes 100+ coffees on single charge
    • Hand blown glass serving carafe
    • Reusable metal mesh filter
    • Waterproof brewer for easy clean-up
    • 12-month warranty
    • 11.9 cm (4.7") W x 11.9 (4.7") D x 19.1 cm (7.5") H

  • How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

    1. Use 5 scoops (~32g) finely ground coffee (measuring spoon included)
    2. Pour room temperature water to bottom mark (300ml) inside VacOne™
    3. After 4 minutes, stir and press button to brew
    4. Pour cold brew into glass with ice
    5. Enjoy

    How to Make Hot Filter Coffee

    1. Use 3 scoops (~20g) medium-fine ground coffee (measuring spoon included)
    2. Pour water that is 198º- 200º F to middle mark (340ml) inside VacOne™
    3. After 30 seconds, stir and press button to brew
    4. Pour filter coffee into your favourite mug or travel tumbler
    5. Enjoy

    Watch the VacOne™ in action here!