we are thrilled to offer a beautiful space for your next event
here are some details and FAQs for you to review when considering our location

What types of events can you host?
We have such a versatile space, we would love to work with you to bring your ideas to life.

What type of events do you have experience with?
We have hosted birthday parties, weddings, fundraisers, jewelry launches, drag events, and more! 

What is your capacity?
We have the space to accommodate up to 50 persons.

What services do you offer?
In addition to the use of our space, we can offer catering service, food service, bar service, and specialty coffee service. We also have many local partnerships that help make planning and executing an event more simple; rental equipment, DJ services, etc.

Do you have a rental fee?
Instead of a rental fee, we charge a minimum spend of $2000 (before tax & gratuity). This means that the money you spend on the services we offer, all go towards your minimum spend.

How do I book an event?
Follow this link to start enquiring about your next private special event.