Benny $14               
Tomato confit, poached eggs, hollandaise, and your choice of bacon or vegan bacun on a cheddar & green onion scone.

Rice Rice Baby $12
Coconut chia and rice pudding, served with berry sauce, tahini granola, fresh berries, and orange coconut whip.

Vegan Sam   $8
Vegan eggs, vegan bacun, herb aioli, tomato pepper jam, and pickled red onions on a rye bun.

Brekkie Sammie   $9
Smoked gouda, everything bagel aioli, caramelised onion bacon jam, and two fried eggs on a twisty bun.

PBJ Pancakes   $15
Two pancakes, strawberry compote, peanut butter mousse, streusel, white chocolate sauce, brulee banana, and fresh strawberries.

The Classic Please   $14
Two eggs, two plain potato patties, two pieces of multigrain toast, and your choice of bacon or sausage. Comes with jam and butter.
Load up your potato patties for $1.00


Served with your choice of small Easy Caesy salad or soup.

Mrs. Crispy   $22
Grilled ham, swiss cheese, mustard gouda sauce, and caramelised onions between two pieces of grilled sourdough, topped with a sunny side up egg.

The Club $22
Roasted chicken, avocado, cheddar, lemon aioli, confit tomato, caramelised onion bacon jam, on a panini bun.

Little Donkey $18
A burrito filled with refried beans, red rice, sofrito, pickled red onions, greens, and avocado crema, stuffed and rolled into a flour tortilla and grilled.

Electric Burger $16
Falafel patty, baba ghanouj, beet relish, herb aioli, roasted red peppers, and greens, served on house made bread.


Free Wally $12
Greens, apples, celery, spiced walnuts, tossed in a cranberry vinaigrette, topped with pickled grapes and fresh ricotta.

Easy Caesy $12
Greens, crispy chickpeas, radish, corn, tossed in caesar dressing and topped with house made croutons.

Fun Guy $9
Mushrooms, vegan ricotta, beet relish, crispy kale, pumpkin seeds, and dill dressing, served on multigrain toast.

Soup $10
Today's soup served with house made bread.

Potato Patties   $5
Two patties with today's toppings.

Toast & Jam $4
Two slices of multigrain toast with jam & butter.


Side of Bacon   $3
Side Sausage   $4
Vegan Bacun   $3
Add Avocado   $3
Add Grilled Chicken   $6
Side Pancake   $5

Need it Vegan? Vegetarian or Gluten Friendly? Let us know


Brew 2 / 2.5 / 3
Espresso 3
Americano 3 / 4.25
Cold Brew Coffee 3.25
Espresso Tonic 4
Cortado 3.5
Cappuccino 4
Latte 4.25 / 4.75
Mocha 4.75
Hot Chocolate 4.5
Seasonal Latte 5 / 5.75
Lavender London Fog 4.5 
Chai Latte 3
Matcha 4.75
Milk Alternatives 0.75
House Syrup 0.75
Add Baileys 5

Milk alternatives: oat

House syrups: bourbon vanilla, lavender, tahini caramel

Lemon Lily Steeped Tea 

Calm Rosy
Earl’s Got The Blues
Lemon Ginger
Green Tea


Sweet Soda $2
lavender or vanilla

Spice & Tonic $6.5
seedlip spice 94 and tonic water

Pina Nolada $6.5
seedlip spice 94, pineapple, coconut

Warm & Spicy $9
dark rum, spiced syrup, oat milk, espresso, squash puree

Modern Mule $9
patent 5 purple blossom gin, lavender syrup, seedlip spice 94, ginger beer

orange, pineapple, passionfruit, guava, or watermelon
$8 glass
$36 for the table